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Introducing: Free Questions Series 3 Guest Submissions

Introducing: Free Questions Series 3 - Guest Submissions
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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Quiz 90a - General Knowledge - More from Bill Turnbull:

Quiz 90a - General Knowledge - More from Bill Turnbull:
"You might want to change question 39 but it went down a bomb in my local, so I left it in for you" Bill - Adults only!

1. What type of birds are Beltsville Whites, Broad Breasted Bronze and Norfolk Blacks? - Turkeys
2. Which British aircraft company made the original Gnat jet trainer? - Folland
3. What is considered to be the cowboy capital of America? - Dodge City
4. In what year was the political party Plaid Cymru founded? - Nineteen twenty five
5. Which English actress plays the part of Mrs Weasley in the Harry Potter films? - Julie Walters
6. Who was lead singer with UB 40? - Ali Campbell
7. What sport is played by Detroit Lions? - American football
8. What type of tree was Newton supposedly sitting under when he formulated his theory of gravity? - Apple (remember an apple fell on his head, believe that you'll believe anything)
9. What is the name of Tony Soprano's wife in the Sopranos? - Carmela
10. The musical Oliver was based on a novel by which author? - Charles Dickens
11. What were the names of the two mascots for the 2012 Olympics? - Wenlock and Mandeville
12. What is the inscription on a Jim'll Fix It medal? - Jim Fixed it For Me
13. What is perm short for in hairdressing? - Permanent wave
14. Name both of the Bay City Roller's UK number ones (point for each)? - Bye Bye Baby and Give a Little Love
15. What is the collective noun for hamsters? - Horde
16. Who was known as the demon barber of Fleet Street? - Sweeney Todd
17. What was author Barbara Cartland's favourite colour? - Pink
18. Which British prime minister was known as Sunny Jim? - Jim Callaghan
19. Who said to a huge TV audience in 1977, �Oh that's nice the wife of the Cambridge President is kissing the cox of the Oxford crew�? - Harry Carpenter
20. What was the name of the woman in the Australian dingo baby case? - Lindy Chamberlain

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Quiz 89a - General Knowledge - More from Bill Turnbull:

Quiz 89a - General Knowledge - More from Bill Turnbull:

1. In a poll conducted in the early 1970's who was voted the most hated man in history? - Adolf Hitler
2. Who hosted the first edition of Top of the Pops? - Jimmy Saville
3. What was Bruce Springsteen's first number one album in the UK titled? - Born In The USA
4. What is a baby hippopotamus called? - Calf
5. Mart Poom who played in goal for Portsmouth, Derby County, Sunderland and Watford won 120 caps for which country? - Estonia
6. Which British car manufacturer made the Rebel? - Reliant
7. Who played Oz in Auf Wiedersehen Pet? - Jimmy Nail
8. Which British sausage is traditionally sold in a coil? - Cumberland
9. What was Grace Darling's father's job? - Lighthouse keeper
10. What everyday item was invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper? - Mobile phone
11. What is the title given to the lead ballerina in a ballet company? - Prima Ballerina
12. Who was lost in France in 1976? - Bonnie Tyler
13. What was cricketer Gary Sobers home island? = Barbados
14. Which journalist became the 172nd president of the MCC? - Christopher Martin Jenkins
15. What was the title of the first Tarzan novel? = Tarzan of the Apes
16. Which world leader was known as "Boney"? - Napoleon Bonaparte
17. The 400th birthday of which flower was celebrated in the Netherlands in 1994? - Tulip
18. In the world of entertainment what is a famulus? - Magician's assistant
19. Which female singer had a top ten hit in 1999 with Not Over You Yet? - Diana Ross
20. O UGLY NINE is an anagram of which singer songwriter? - Neil Young

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Quiz 88a - General Knowledge - Another great quiz from Bill Turnbull:

 Quiz 88a - General Knowledge - Another great quiz from Bill Turnbull:
"This is just an ordinary run of the mill quiz" - Bill Turnbull - I say 'Anything BUT run of the mill! What do you think?

1. How many American states can you name beginning with M (point for each one)? - Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, Montana Minnesota
2. What does the Latin phrase caveat emptor mean? - Let the buyer beware
3. Who was the lead singer on the Sugarcubes 1992 song called Hit? - Bjork
4. What is the name of the Daily Planet's editor in the Superman series of comics and films? - Perry White
5. At what age are female athletes classed as veterans? - Thirty five
6. What creature is the symbol of the American Democratic Party? - Donkey
7. When free school milk was given out what size were the bottles? - Third of a pint
8. What is the second largest rodent in the world, the capybara is first? - Beaver
9. Which Shangri La's single had the sound of seagulls in the background? - (Remember) Walking In The Sand
10. Who played Sadie King in Emmerdale? - Patsy Kensit
11. At which sport could you win the Victor Barna Award? - Table tennis
12. What is the main street of Edinburgh called? - Princes Street (not Princess)
13. In criminal slang, what is a dip? - Pickpocket
14. Who wrote the Janis Joplin hit Me and Bobby McGee? - Kris Kristofferson
15. What is the name of the main pub in The Archers? - The Bull
16. On what date is Saint George's day? - April 23rd
17. The Home Guard were first known as the LVD (Local Defence Volunteers) what were they nicknamed? - The Look Duck and Vanish Brigade
18. What was the name of the British army officer who invented shells containing bullets to inflict more casualties? - Sir Henry Shrapnel (Shrapnel will do)
19. Who won Pop Idol in 2002? - Will Young
20. The opening credits of which TV show showed Neil Kinnock falling over on his backside on Brighton Beach? - Spitting Image
21. Who wrote the Tarzan books? - Edgar Rice Burroughs
22. Which popular pub name comes from the title of John Manners? - The Marquis of Granby
23. Where was Patsy Gallant travelling to and from in her seventies hit song? - From New York to LA
24. What is the nickname of the New Zealand women's cricket team? - The White Ferns
25. How is the former Miss Katherine Worsley better known? - Duchess of Kent
26. What was the currency of Greece before the Euro? - Drachma
27. Which American aircraft company made the Guardian anti submarine aircraft? - Grumman
28. What is the largest and heaviest internal organ in the human body? - Liver
29. Who said on the day the United States invaded Cambodia that We are all the President's men? -  Dr. Henry Kissinger
30. What nationality is singer Demis Roussos? -  Egyptian (moved to Greece aged 15)
31. Who was the first female presenter of Top Gear? -  Angela Rippon
32. In which month is the American holiday President's Day held? -  February
33. What colour is the Queen's blotting paper? -  Black
34. Which method of execution for poisoners was introduced by Henry the Eighth in 1531? -  They were boiled to death
35. What is phobophobia the fear of? -  Fear itself
36. What country do cars with the international registration BDS come from? -  Barbados
37. What was the fastest aeroplane used in the Falkland's War? -  Mirage
38. What is the chief crop of Alabama's canebrake country? -  Cotton
39. What is the least densely populated country in Asia? -  Mongolia
40. Who played Joe Maplin in Hi De Hi? -  No one he was never seen

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Quiz 87a - General Knowledge - Another great quiz from Bill Turnbull

Quiz 87a - General Knowledge - Another great quiz from Bill Turnbull:
"Thought you might like a look at this one I wrote it last year, it was the seven hundredth. Even the denizens in my local enjoyed it" Bill Turnbull


1. HITLER IN MACINTOSH is an anagram of someone who has often been in the news and on TV? - Christine Hamilton
2. What shade of cloth was Robin Hood supposed to favour? - Lincoln Green
3. What is the surname of the family in the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott? - March
4. What was the first thing that Scrooge purchased after his change of heart? - A turkey
5. Which playwright wrote A Streetcar Named Desire and Night of the Iguana? - Tennessee Williams
6. Trachoma is an infection of which part of the body? - Eye
7. In the orders of chivalry what does CB stand for? - Companion of the Bath
8. Which comedy duo were born Bartholomew and Wiseman? - Morecambe and Wise
9. Which British sausage is traditionally sold in a coil? - Cumberland
10. Which female singer had a top ten hit in 1968 with Son of A Preacher Man? - Dusty Springfield
11. Which British motor cycle manufacturer's motto was "Made like a gun, goes like a bullet"? - Royal Enfield
12. Who was Cassius Clay's / Muhammad Ali's manager? - Angelo Dundee
13. What would an American call a bowler hat? - A derby
14. What was the name of the horse ridden by Dick Francis that fell while leading in the 56 Grand National? - Devon Loch
15. Who wrote the musical Call Me Madam? - Irving Berlin
16. What was the first British ship lost in the Falklands War? - HMS Sheffield
17. Which brand of cigarettes did former US president Ronald Reagan advertise in the fifties? - Chesterfields
18. What is the name of the aluminium foil company ALCAN an abbreviation of? - Aluminium of Canada
19. What famous London building did John Nash rebuild in 1825? - Buckingham Palace
20. Which Jane Austen novel tells the story of the Bertram family? - Mansfield Park
21. Which old time comedian's catch phrase was "I say what a smasher"? - Charlie Chester
22. Coca Cola announced in Oct 2010 the closure of which famous British bottled water company? - Malvern
23. Which popular song begins with, The loveliness of Paris seems somehow sadly gay? - I Left My Heart In San Francisco
24. Which creature disappeared leaving only a smile? - Cheshire cat
25. Which American motor manufacturer used to make the Fury? - Plymouth
26. Who was the first English batsman to score a hundred on his test debut at Lords? - Jack Hampshire
27. What is the surname of the captain who assists Hercule Poirot? - Hastings
28. What was the name of the Duke of Wellington's horse at the battle of Waterloo? - Copenhagen
29. Which newspaper sent Henry Stanley to look for Doctor Livingstone? - The New York Herald
30. Which fictional character lived at 32 Windsor Gardens, London? - Paddington Bear
31. What is the longest running show staged at London's Royal Drury Lane theatre? - Miss Saigon
32. What was the home ground of Leyton Orient called before it became the Matchroom Stadium? - Brisbane Road
33. Which company is famous for making the trouser presses that you find in the bedrooms of most decent hotels? - Corby
34. Which English artist painted The Blue Boy and The Hay Wagon? - Thomas Gainsborough
35. What was the name of the first Hi-Fi record player made by Decca to be marketed in Britain? - The Decca Piccadilly
36. For what team did Michael Schumacher drive in his first grand prix? - Jordan
37. On what item of clothing would you find zig zags, ladders, diamonds, rig and fur, steps and prints o' the hoof? - Guernsey jumper
38. Named after a town in Lincolnshire, what is a more common name for bath metal? - Pinchbeck
39. Which American football player was nicknamed Big Sky? - Joe Montana
40. What everyday household item was invented by O A North in 1869? - Coat hook

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Quiz 86a - General Knowledge

 Quiz 86a - General Knowledge
  1. For which film did John Mills receive an Oscar? - Ryan's Daughter
  2. Robert Baden-Powell founded the Boy Scouts in what year? - 1907
  3. Fodor's books are popular the world over. What kind of books do they publish? - Travel Guides
  4. What is the name of the fur taken from a rabbit? - Coney
  5. There are five Olympic Rings. What are their colours? - Black, Blue, Red, Green and Orange
  6. In which country did Bing Crosby die? - Spain
  7. A polyorchid man has at least three what? -  Testicles
  8. In what Olympic sport did Brian Phelps partake? - Diving
  9. Why and when was naturalist David Bellamy jailed in Australia? - In 1983 he was jailed for blockading the Australian Franklin River in a protest against a proposed dam.
  10. Who was Inspector Clouseau's manservant? - Kato
  11. Where would you find the Amundsen Scott Station? - The South Pole
  12. What does Kung Fu mean literally? - Leisure time
  13. What is the title of Johnny Cash's autobiography? - The Man in Black
  14. If you were suffering from encephalitis, which of your organs would be inflamed? - Your brain
  15. What is Africa's most populated country? - Nigeria
  16. Which former jump jockey won the prestigious 'Crime Writer's Association' award the Cartier Diamond Dagger, in 1989? - Dick Francis
  17. Which US state doesn't have any borders? - Hawaii
  18. In 'The Guns of Navarone' who played the demolitions expert? - David Niven
  19. In which continent would you find 'The Great Rift Valley'? - Africa
  20. In which US state would you find the 'Grand Canyon'? - Arizona

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Quiz 85a - A Special Quiz - 40 QUESTIONS WITH 20 ANSWERS AND THEY ALL BEGIN WITH the letter A

Quiz 85a - A Special Quiz
Recently I have been corresponding via email with Bill Turnbull who has helped me to correct some errors within my quizzes. Bill has been compiling quizzes for a long time and the following quiz is one that Bill has kindly allowed me to publish. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Bill.
Bill says "ACTING ON A REQUEST THIS WEEK'S OFFERING IS 40 QUESTIONS WITH 20 ANSWERS AND THEY ALL BEGIN WITH the letter A" (Very clever - and hard work too I suspect - Jim)

1. What was Victoria Beckham's maiden surname? - Adams
2. What is the name of a tremor that occurs after an earthquake? - Aftershock
3. What cleaning product was advertised as "Stronger than dirt"? - Ajax
4. Who was the original host of Mr and Mrs? - Alan Taylor
5. What is the only UK No. 1 single for Fleetwood Mac? - Albatross
6. What is fortified wine fortified with? - Alcohol
7. To help drivers at night what colour are the studs which mark the right hand edge of the road? - Amber
8. What was the fist name of Hudson in Upstairs Downstairs? - Angus
9. What was advertised with the slogan "This dirt says hot, the label says not"? - Ariel
10. Policemen no longer use the traditional truncheon what is the new instrument called? - An asp
11. Which rugby side are also known as the Wizards of the West? - Aberavon
12. What surname was shared by the second and sixth presidents of the USA? - Adams
13. Which one hit wonder took Slave To The Vibe to number eleven in 1993? - Aftershock
14. What is the chemical symbol for aluminium? - Al
15. What was called a servant regulator by the Victorians? - Alarm clock
16. What was the pop-up figure called in the fun house in The Man With the Golden Gun? - Al
17. What is the name of Batman's butler? - Alfred
18. Which F1 team failed to turn up for the 2002 Hungarian Grand Prix and have not been seen on an F1 track since? - Arrows
19. In CB jargon what is a bone box? - Ambulance
20. What type of snake is reputed to have been used by Cleopatra when committing suicide? - An asp
21. ODD OR DAMN INSANE (Showbusiness anagram)? - Adrian Edmondson
22. Which British motor cycle manufacturer made the Square Four? - Ariel
23. What was the name of Christopher Robin's nurse? - Alice
24. Following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the US Army produced a set of playing cards featuring its 52 most wanted Iraqis. Which card was assigned to Saddam Hussein? - Ace of Spades
25. Geoffrey Howe was made a lord he is now known as Lord Howe of where? - Aberavon
26. Which British motor manufacturer used to make the Ruby? - Austin
27. Who played Eddie Didgeridoo Catflap in the TV sitcom Filthy, Rich and Catflap? - Adrian Edmondson
28. What song did Motorhead take into the charts in 1980 and again in 1993? - Ace of Spades
29. In Greek mythology which son of Telamon fought Hector in single combat? - Ajax
30. According to the poem what kind of bird did the Ancient Mariner kill? - Albatross
31. What was the name of Claude Greengrass' dog in Heartbeat? - Alfred
32. What household implement was swallowed by the crocodile in Peter Pan? - Alarm clock
33. Who is the engineer with the big triangular hair-style in the Dilbert cartoons? - Alice
34. Jean Dominique Larrey developed which type of vehicle? - Ambulance
35. What is added to soap to make it clear? - Alcohol
36. Who scored both West Ham's goals in the 1975 FA Cup Final victory against Fulham? - Alan Taylor
37. What is the fossilised resin of coniferous trees called? - Amber
38. What is the state capital of Texas? - Austin
39. In which Scottish county is Glamis Castle? - Angus
40. What is used to tell the future in belomancy? - Arrows

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